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About our seva family medicine practice Parker, CO

At Seva Family Medicine, a dedicated group of experienced medical care providers delivers the highest standard of compassionate patient care in Parker, Colorado.

  • From annual checkups and mental health care to chronic disease management of high cholesterol, diabetes, and other conditions, the providers offer complete medical care for patients starting at the age of 2.

  • The medical specialists, led by Gurvinder Mangat, MD, and Shannon Mangat, FNP-C, incorporate Seva, a central teaching in the Punjabi culture and Sikh religion, into their medical practice. Seva has many meanings, with selfless service and compassionate care as key components.

  • Seva Family Medicine strives to exemplify Seva through exceptional care and respectful service to their patients.

  • At the practice, Dr. Mangat speaks Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu fluently, and other staff members speak Nepali and Spanish, so they work together to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone can converse in their most comfortable language.

  • Seva Family Medicine has a modern patient portal that allows patients to communicate directly with their providers. This allows faster response times, so patients appreciate the convenience.
  • With a broad and growing range of services for the whole family, the providers at Seva Family Medicine warmly welcome you and your loved ones.

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Medical Services Not Provided

We do NOT manage chronic pain with any controlled substance. If this is a part of your health care we will manage your other concerns and coordinate pain related care with a pain professional. We do no carry any pain medications or controlled substances in our clinic and are unable to prescribe them.

We do NOT manage chronic anxiety or ADHD with any controlled substances. If this is part of your health care provided by another provider such as a psychiatrist, we will be happy to coordinate care with your provider and manage any other health concerns you may have.


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