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Annual Checkups


During annual checkups, experienced medical providers Gurvinder Mangat, MD, and Shannon Mangat, FNP-C, monitor and manage all aspects of your health under one roof at Seva Family Medicine. They offer compassionate, patient-centered medical care to make it easy for you and your loved ones to be healthy and happy. To schedule an annual checkup for you or your child, call the Parker, Colorado office or book online today.


What Are Annual Checkups?

Annual checkups are yearly medical examinations with your primary care provider (PCP). They’re an important part of preventive care, which means taking steps to prevent disease or treat it in its earliest stages.

The main goal of an annual checkup is to check on your general wellness, so these visits are sometimes called well visits.

What Happens During Annual Checkups?

Annual checkups are customized to your needs, so the physical exam portion of your checkup may vary from one person to another. The main aspects of annual checkups include:

Physical Exam

Your physical exam is a whole-person exam that checks all of your major bodily systems from head to toe. Your provider checks your eyes, ears, skin, heart, lungs, and more to make sure you’re in good overall health.

Health Screenings

You may need health screenings during your annual checkup. These screenings are based on age, sex, lifestyle, and risk factors for disease.

Some common examples of health screenings include electrocardiograms (to evaluate heart activity), blood tests (to check cholesterol, thyroid function, and other health conditions), and urine tests (to check blood glucose).


Seva Family Medicine offers immunizations for the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and more to help you avoid serious illnesses and other health complications. You can also update your immunizations during your annual checkup if needed.

Disease Management

If you have a chronic disease or any condition that requires medical management, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or thyroid disease, your provider can discuss your current treatment, evaluate its effectiveness, and make changes as needed.

In general, annual checkups are mainly about staying healthy and keeping track of your wellness, but if you have any new health concerns or questions, this is the perfect time to bring those up with your provider.

What Other Types Of Physical Exams Might I Need?

Seva Family Medicine offers both routine checkups and special exams tailored to your health needs. As a part of your annual physical, you might need other physicals, such as sports or work physicals. These physicals ensure you can participate in sports or meet the fitness needs required by your employer.

Seva Family Medicine provides medical care infused with respect and compassion, and they’re always happy to tailor a physical exam for your needs. Arrange your annual checkup by calling the office or clicking on the online booking feature today.


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